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Bringing the World's Finest Rice to Your Table

Empowering Trade with Quality and Innovation

Since its inception in 2001, Al Saqar General Trading Establishment has rapidly expanded, making notable strides in the realm of importing and distributing high-quality branded Basmati Rice. Our sustained success and remarkable growth are the fruits of strategic decision-making, proactive execution, and cohesive teamwork. It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you our esteemed range of Basmati Rice products, which include Al Walimah Sella Basmati Rice, Wadi Al Aseel Sella Basmati Rice, Elite Premium Basmati Rice, Al Shoa’ala Basmati Rice, Al Aila White Basmati Rice, and White Swan Calrose Rice.

A Journey of Growth and Excellence

Our inception coincided with a period of burgeoning demand within the UAE’s vibrant market, a challenge we eagerly accepted with commitment and vigor. With the aim to not just supply rice, but to offer an experience of unparalleled quality and flavor that resonates with the diverse culinary traditions of our customers, we embarked on our journey.

A Legacy Of 22+ Years

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Brands We Deal In

Al Walimah

“AL WALIMAH” brand of Sella Basmati Rice, which is very famous and in great demand in the neighboring gulf countries, especially in Saudi Arabia, has already gained momentous popularity in United Arab Emirates .

Wadi Al Aseel

WADI AL ASEEL is another pure blend of Sella Basmati Rice especially cultured and blended to meet the authentic flavor of traditional and oriental sentiments and preferred choice among the household.

Elite (Al Nokhba)

ELITE (AL NOKHBA) PREMIUM BASMATI RICE is an undisputed variety of long and elegant thin-grain rice, famous for its aromatic fragrance and exceptional delicate flavor. This special range grown in a pollute-free environment, at the foothills of the Himalayas, is cultivated in unique soil, nourished by the melting glaciers, and harvested and enriched by dedicated hands. Each grain aged to its maturity, is milled with perfection to attain an elongated and fluffy texture during cooking.

Al Shoa'Ala Rice

Punjab’s unique soil, nourished by five Himalayan rivers, produces the world’s finest Basmati rice. This delicate grain, meticulously nurtured, cooks quickly, expanding into long, slender, and beautiful strands. With its irresistible aroma and flavor, Basmati rice stands out as the most versatile and delicious choice in global cuisine. It has been a royal favorite for centuries.

Al Aila Rice

Acknowledged as the finest of all Basmati rice, Al Aila Rice is grown in the Punjab region of India. Discernible for its aromatic quality, this rice doubles in length becomes firmer and separates during the cooking process – all marks of a perfect grain of rice.

White Swan Calrose Rice

White rice with Egyptian grain, cropped from the best farms around the world, grade A. Tap into your inner chef to create colourful, creative, and rich dishes with White Swan rice.

Dedication & Quality

Committed to Excellence in Every Grain

The path of Al Saqar General Trading has been characterized by swift growth. This outstanding success is a testament to our steadfast dedication to sourcing the finest Basmati Rice. Our team, driven by a passion for excellence, established strong connections with premier rice producers globally, ensuring each grain we introduced to the UAE market was synonymous with quality and authenticity.

Premier Basmati Rice Supplier in the UAE

Approved by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), Al Saqar is the leading Basmati Rice supplier in the UAE. Our success is built on strategic sourcing, rigorous quality control, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Beyond rice, we promise quality, celebrate culinary heritage, and ensure every customer is satisfied.

Our Successful Clients

Client Satisfaction is the key to any organization’s success. We believe in meeting the expectations of our client as well as superseding them. Quality material, new and innovative designs of our experienced designers meet the requirement of our clients.

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